Our COVID-19 Response

We have remained open throughout these challenging times and are always here to support our community!

We truly appreciate our families and are so thankful for the continued support. 

Thank you! 

Milestones Learning Center has always put their student and staff’s safety as our priority. With COVID-19 we have taken additional measures to ensure our school stays well and is safe for daily care. We ask that all families support our approach to wellness even if the measures taken are designed for the benefit of the whole vs. the individual. Please review the following measures. If you have any questions please review the FAQs below or feel free to contact us directly.

  • Hours are care have been reduced to ensure that students are able to remain in small groups through out the day. Current COVID hours are 7am to 5pm.

  • Drop off and pick up are curbside only. Parents are asked to wear a mask at both drop off and pick up. Guests are not permitted into the facility when children and staff are present.

  • We conduct health checks at the door each day prior to allowing students to attend. Those with a temperature of 100 or higher are not admitted to school that day. Children with a persistent cough, cloudy, yellow or green runny nose are not allowed to attend. Children on fever mediation, cough or cold mediation are also not allowed to attend.

  • Handwashing for students and staff occurs at drop off, before and after each meal, after each bathroom or diaper change, after each outdoor play time and whenever a someone coughs or sneezes.

  • Classes remain separate throughout the day. Teachers are restricted from floating to or visiting other classrooms at this time.

  • All equipment is washed between use, linens are washed after every use and outdoor play equipment is bleach-sprayed to sun and air dry between group use.

  • Children sleeping on cots are spaced in a head to toe pattern at least 3, and up to 6, feet apart when possible.

  • Preschool children do not share tools but instead have a personal seat sack which contains their own markers, crayons, scissor, pencil, and other learning tools.

  • Hallways are used by 1 class at a time. When students are in the hallways there are markers to help assist them in social distancing themselves.

  • The school is vacuumed multiple times a day and classes are Lysol sprayed when not occupied and at the end of each day.

  • Chairs, tables, and other high touch surfaces are bleach sprayed between use and bathrooms are cleaned after each group use.

  • Measures have been taken to have the carpets and other surfaces treated for germ resistance with Monofoil.

  • It is our policy that if a student or teacher were to become infected with COVID-19 all students and teachers in the class members will need to either be tested and have a negative result or remain out of care for a full 14 days from the last day of contact; tuition is billed. The room would be deep cleaned prior to the return of any persons assigned to it.


Who can I contact with further questions?

We welcome all your questions! We believe it helps parents to understand what we do and to the extent we are trying our best. This is an extremely stressful time and we understand the concern and anxiety experienced by so many. There is no way to control this, all we can do is be as proactive as possible. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Call 239-301-2962 or email info@milestones-estero.com or submit this form

If my child becomes ill, showing symptoms similar to COVID, however is diagnosed with something else, such as an ear infection, and receives a doctor's note to confirm, would they still be required to get a COVID test to return to care?

If a child is ill, seen by a doctor, and diagnosed with an illness other than COVID, they need to follow regular school policy of remaining out of school 1 full day symptom free, taking no medication and return to school with a note stating they were safe to return to school. If they need to take medication to reduce symptoms, they will need to remain at home. If given an antibiotic for an infection, 1 full day at home taking the medication to ensure they are not contagious prior to returning.

Two of our children attend Milestones and are in different classrooms. If a teacher/child in one class is diagnosed COVID positive, but not in the other classroom, will both of our children need to get a COVID test to return?

If a teacher/child in a class is positive for COVID and your child is not showing symptoms at the time, you have the choice of either testing, and if negative returning to school, or remaining out for 14 days to ensure symptoms do not develop. If a child has a sibling in another class and the child who was exposed is not tested than both children need to remain out. If the exposed child is tested and negative they can then both return with the negative results. Keep in mind that some testing sites can take 5-8 days to get results so both children would need to be out awaiting results.

If a teacher or child shows multiple symptoms and is sent home, what is the protocol for the rest of the class that day/week while awaiting that student/teacher's outcome?

If a child/teacher goes home ill, the assumption is that they are not COVID positive as there are many other causes for COVID-like symptoms so they are asked to monitor their health for a full day, or they may choose to get tested right away. If monitoring their health and the symptoms do not improve after 24 hours, they should seek medical advice to either test or be seen. If advised by a medical professional to self-quarantine or be tested, we ask them to inform us so we can advise the families to also start monitoring their child(ren). If testing occurs and results are positive, the 14 day quarrantine count for the classmates starts on the last day the infected person was in school.

Are teachers and students required to wear masks?

Mask wearing is encouraged but not required for teachers. Due to the age of our student population, masks will not be worn by students. Staff who assist classrooms for lunch coverage, if needed, are asked to wear a mask when not in their own room. Same for those operating the front doors at pick-up and drop-off and housekeeping. We do ask that all parents wear a mask at pick-up and drop-off and to remain a safe distance from our staff at the door and from other parents waiting to drop off or pick up.

How can I help support your school?

Please help keep us safe! We ask that all parents wear a mask when dropping off their child to care and to remain a safe distance from those at the door and waiting to drop off. To learn more about how you can help, with supplies or financial donations, please visit our donation page. We truly appreciate our families and are so thankful for the continued support through these uncertain times. Thank you!

I assume most of the staff is in close contact with each other, each day, at some point. If a staff member or student tests positive, is the school going to require the remainder of the staff to also be tested?

Actually, our staff have very little contact with each other. They remain in their rooms unless assigned to the front door. We do not let the classes mix or teachers to float into rooms. We do all communication from doorways and at least 6 feet apart. Unless assigned as the “door person” there is not close contact. According to the Health Department, the only teacher needing to get tested would be the one who was exposed to the class for extended periods of time; the assigned teacher or a subsitute in their absence. If we were to ask all teachers to test, we would then have to close our school. Once you test, you are required to self-quarantine until results are in; which are taking 5-9 days. So the CDC and the Health Department are recommending schools not mix groups or float teachers to help contain those with contact and allows for schools to just focus on the group infected.

While I know the school has been strict about keeping students to their classrooms, how are the bathrooms being shared? Are there increased sanitation procedures in the shared bathroom throughout the day, and in between classes?

There are actually 8 bathrooms so each class (who use toilets) has their own assigned bathroom. No matter, all bathrooms are washed down after each group uses the bathroom; even though it is just their group. This is a bleach and Lysol spray disinfectant wash on all surfaces - sink, toilet, switches, handles and bars.

If my child had been in close contact with a teacher or student who tests positive, will we receive a notification asking us to follow certain procedures?

Yes. If a child was at risk or if concern was that they had direct exposure, you would receive a personalized email notice from the Director with specific information and guidelines.

How are you protecting your teachers from possible exposure from parents?

Our management team, Ms. Gina, Mr. Michael, Ms. Laura, and Ms. Erin, are the primary door persons for both buildings to ensure our teachers are not being put at any additional risk by being in contact with parents.

If a person who lives in our home is COVID positive but our child has no symptoms, can they still attend school?

Per the FDOH and CDC, a 14-day quarantine is the current recommendation, however there are some additional options for asymptomatic close contacts to end quarantine earlier than 14 days. An asymptomatic child with a person living in their home who is COVID positive needs to remain out of care for a full 10 days. On the 6th day of quarantine the child should get a PCR COVID test. The center will need this negative PCR test result in order for the student to return to care.

How is the playground area being maintained for COVID-19?

We are continuing to restrict groups from combining, even when outdoors, so each class has their own playground time. After each class’ outdoor play time we lightly spray all the equipment with a water/bleach solution that is able to self-dry prior to the next class using the playground.

What procedures are in place to help the children remain well?

We ask all the children to wash their hands upon arrival, before and after each meal time, after each bathroom or diaper change, whenever a someone coughs or sneezes, after all outdoor play, and class transition times or every hour throughout the day.

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