Preschool is such an exciting time for both your child and your family. This is a time for exploration and discovery. We will take every opportunity to help your child develop an understanding of the world around them and much of what it offers. Our preschoolers will spend extended periods of time in 5 different areas of development: artistic expression, math, science, language development and dramatic play. Each of these areas are designed to create a well-rounded learning platform in which each student can develop at their own pace as they prepare for Kindergarten.


We have four Pre-K classes; The Burrow, The Willow (Art), The Garden (Science/math), and The Hive (Language Arts). Classes are divided by age. One class is dedicated for those who miss the cut off for VPK or taking the opportunity of an extra year prior to entering VPK. We do practice rotation just like our VPK classes in order to learn time management and how to interact with several adults; so your student will experience all Pre-K classes. 






Preschool goals are develop knowing that at the age of three children are ready to explore and learn new things but also struggle at times with social and emotional growth.  It is our goal to provide for them learning opportunities that all for independence while at the same time provide the support they still need. Therefore our preschool goals incorporate not only academic measures but also social and emotional goals. These goals are:

Language Arts

  • Recite the Alphabet without errors or blending (no singing)

  • Recognize all letters in their capital form

  • Write their first name correctly (capital followed by lowercase)

  • Form all their letters

  • Properly hold and use writing tools


  • Count to 30 with no error

  • Recite the months of the year

  • Develop an understanding of 1 to 1 correlation

  • Recognize 12 shapes

Artist Expression 

  • Be able to properly hold and use scissors

  • Know all the colors 

  • Follow 2 and 3 step directions

  • Be able to use both stick and liquid glue properly

Supplemental Instruction – Social/Character Development 

  • Learning how to problem solve social situations

  • Able to use their words to express all their needs

  • Demonstrate self-control

  • Develop an understandings of social norms

Our Day

For preschoolers, we offer a unique learning environment to stimulate each student and allow for greater learning time and experiences. We will rotate 3 developmental domains and have 2 outside play times. Each of these are 50 minutes. In transitions between topics the children will be offered bathroom breaks.

Breakfast is served from 8:00 - 8:30 am, lunch is at 11:30 am (instruction does take place during lunch), nap is from 12:00 pm - 2:30 pm and snack will be offered every afternoon at 3:00 pm.  Our academic day will end at 4:30 pm followed by outside play until 5:30 pm at which time we will begin clean-up and quiet play until pick up.  


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