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We understand that this is most likely the first time you have left your infant in the care of someone other than family and we feel honored to help you and your child through the first year of development.  We are going to share a lot of special first moments together and hopefully we will create a family-like feeling for you and your infant while they are in our care. 

Depending on the age in which your infant starts with us they will be assigned to either the Young Infants – The Sea Turtles or Elephants (8 weeks to 8 months) or the Older infants – The Dragonflies (8 months to 12 months).  Each age group is unique in their skills and needs therefore we try to give them dedicated space to help them in their development.




There are so many goals to achieve in the first year it is hard to list them all.  We will certainly work on the following but we are not limited to this list:

  • Language skills – develop an understanding of simple direction and single words to express thoughts: Hi, Bye, More, etc…

  • Large motor skills – rolling, sitting, walking

  • Fine motor skills – picking up objects, stacking toys, eating finger foods

  • Problem solving skills – stacking toys, finding objects, or simple puzzle solving

Your child will be assessed on their developmental milestones roughly every 3-4 months so that you have a good idea as to how they are progressing and so we can help with activities to keep them on target.  


Our Day

In the Young Infants classes, the infants will feed and nap as they wish or per your feeding schedule. When they move to the older class they will be worked into a regular eating schedule (breakfast 8 am, lunch 11 am, snack 2 pm) as well as a reduced nap schedule of two naps, one in the AM and one in the PM each day, until they reach 10 months of age at which time we will work them on a schedule of just one mid-day nap after they eat lunch. 

We will have lots of “tummy time” and floor time play. Their daily report will reflect the various other activities they may do such as art, reading or water play. At least once a day we will go on a walk to get fresh air and sunlight.

Interested in learning more? Contact us to set up a tour!

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