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Our Approach

At Milestones Learning Center the focus is on assuring that children are safe, having fun and enjoying their day. It is our belief that the more fun a child is having the more interested they will be; therefore the more they will learn. We encourage and promote conversations and questions from preschoolers. We offer hands on learning activities and promote messy play both inside and outside. Our specialized classrooms each focus on one learning area at a time, those being science/math, art, language/drama. Our infant/toddler classrooms work to promote healthy development through a stimulation program that encourages and promotes skills such as rolling, sitting, babbling and walking. In our two year old classrooms we offer potty training and language development as well as promote self-awareness and independence. All areas and classrooms encourage parent involvement when possible and teachers strive to create open lines of communication between both home and school.


We understand that in a traditional childcare setting children will only get to spend 15-20 minutes experiencing various topics such as art, blocks, science, or dress-up before they move on to the next topic scheduled in their day. At Milestones Learning Center we take a different approach to learning. We offer our students extended playtime. Each learning experience is 30-40 minutes so that children do not feel a sense of being rushed. They are able to truly learn how to PLAY. Our students can build on their thoughts, using all that is available to them and complete a project to their satisfaction. With this approach children do not find themselves starting over each day but instead building on where they may have left off.

Our staff is diverse in education and experiences each bringing their unique skills to the team and classroom. We seek to create a welcoming, loving school environment and parent involvement is highly encouraged.

We are regulated and licensed by Florida’s Department of Children and Families; our License number is C20LE0136.

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