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Preschool Pre-K 4 and Pre-K 5

Preschool is such an exciting time for both your child and your family. This is a time for exploration and discovery. We will take every opportunity to help your child develop an understanding of the world around them and much of what it offers. Our preschoolers will spend extended periods of time in 5 different areas of development: artistic expression, math, science, language development and dramatic play. Each of these areas are designed to create a well-rounded learning platform in which each student can develop at their own pace as they prepare for Kindergarten.

Pre-K 4 students must be 4 years old and be the year prior to entering Kindergarten or Pre-K 5. Pre-K 5 is intended for students who need an extra year prior to entering Kindergarten due to age cutoff or learning objectives.


We have two Pre-K 4 classes: The Burrow (science/math) & The Hive (language arts); and two Pre-K 5 classes: The Einsteins (science/math) and The Hemingways (language arts). Although we divide the students by age, we work as a team to ensure they meet all their goals throughout the school year. Pre-K 4 & Pre-K 5 practice rotation just like our Pre-K 3 classes, to learn time management and how to interact with several adults.  So, your student will experience each classroom setting. 






The best way to determine success is to set reasonable and obtainable goals that are measurable. Our program is designed with monthly goals. These monthly goals are tracked on an individual basis so each child can work at their own pace. All goals are developed as a reflection of the Florida State Standards for three and four-year-old to ensure kindergarten readiness. They encompass all domains: Physical Development, Cognitive Development, Social and Emotional Development, Communication and Language Development and Problem-Solving Development.

Language Arts

•    Recognize all the letters in capital form
•    Correctly write their 1st name
•    Know all the letter sounds other than vowels
•    Recognize 25 sight words 
•    Know 10 opposites
•    Able to rhyme 10 endings
•    Recognize beginning and ending sounds
•    Recite the alphabet correctly
•    Able to fill in missing letters
•    Place the days of the week in order
•    Place the months of the year in order 
•    Able to recite nursery rhymes
•    Recognize numbers in wrote form 
•    Know their telephone number 
•    Able to define 15 vocabulary words 
•    Recognize a compound word
•    Know the difference in a letter and a word


•    Count 1-100 no errors
•    Form numbers 1-10
•    Know 14 basic shapes
•    Able to form 4 shapes
•    Know their birthday
•    Recognize 1-20
•    Know their phone number with area code
•    Use tools to perform addition
•    Count to 100 by 10s
•    Complete a 30pc puzzle 
•    Able to determine a missing number
•    Able to estimate length
•    Able to subitize

Artist Expression 

•    Will create a portfolio to reflect the 12 monthly themes 
•    Will send home a structured art project weekly
•    Will introduce all forms of sensory: sand, shaving cream, playdough, dirt, water

Physical Goals

•    Stand on one foot (for a count of 5)
•    Climb stairs with alternating steps
•    Jump with two feet, 2 ft. 
•    Skip
•    Perform a jumping jack
•    Hit a ball with a stick
•    Catch a ball with two hands

Our Day

For preschoolers, we offer a unique learning environment to stimulate each student and allow for greater learning time and experiences.  We will rotate 2 times in our day covering 4 developmental domains and have 2 outside play times. Each of these are 40 minutes. As transitions occur between topics the children will be offered bathroom breaks.

Breakfast is served from 8:00 - 8:30 am, lunch is from 11:30 am - 12:00 pm (instruction does take place during lunch), nap is from 12:00 pm - 2:30 pm and snack will be offered every afternoon at 3:00 pm.  Our academic day will end at 4:30 pm at which time we will begin clean-up and quiet play until pick up. 


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