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Toddlers are full of excitement and ready to have fun as we are now learning independence and exploring the world around us in every way possible.  Our class will enjoy learning new things through music, sensory play and story time. We have three toddler rooms. We are all considered one-year-olds and work on the same goals. We divide the classes simply by birth month order. The Wise (but not so old) Hoots, The Lovely Ladybugs, and The Little Leos








We ask that all students meet a certain set of criteria to enter our Toddlers class. 

  • Be 12 months old

  • Eat finger foods (no jar foods or pureed foods are served at school)

  • Use a sippy cup (be weaned from a bottle during the day)

  • Be walking on their own and stable on various terrains

We hope to see all the children who enter our class leave with certain skills achieved.  Below is a list of the goals we will work on together.

  • Learn to self-feed with both a spoon and fork as well as use an open cup

  • Follow 1 step directions

  • Learn how to follow a daily routine

  • Develop ways in which to transition from event to event without emotional break down

  • String 2-3 words together to communicate a need or want

  • Develop a vocabulary of 20 words or more


Our Day

We are always hoping for sunny days! We start each day with outdoor play time at 8:30 am to get us energized right after breakfast and morning diaper change. From there we will head into various activities which will include art, story time, sensory play, blocks and building, dress up, and puzzles.

Our day is very full; we are on the move at this age all the time. Roughly every 2 hours we will stop for diaper changes. Lunch is at 11:30 am followed by diaper changes and naptime. All children nap from 12 pm to 2 pm. After the 2 pm diaper changes, we will again play outside then wrap our afternoon with story time and center playing.

Interested in learning more? Contact us to set up a tour!

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