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Pre-K 5

Pre-K 5 is a program to prepare all children for kindergarten. It addresses their academic knowledge, their social skills and their emotional development. As a team we will be very forward in how your child is preforming. We will set goals and have expectations. We will want you to be an active part in this preparation. 


This year will be a fun and exciting time for you and your child. There is a lot of work that goes into preparing a child for kindergarten. It is not the kindergarten you remember. Your child will be expected to know many things on their first day of school.  

View this quick clip with our Director, Gina Benson, about some tips for selecting a Pre-K program for your child.






We understand there are many Pre-K programs for you to choose from when selecting the best fit for your child. Milestones Learning Center’s program is unique in that we offer an accelerated learning path for those students who can already demonstrate knowledge of basic material such as colors, shapes, letters, and numbers and are ready to move forward.

Class Goals

  • Students will learn independence; the ability to meet their own needs

  • Students will learn communication skills in order to express their needs in a manner which is acceptable and polite

  • Students will learn how to foster and nurture relationships

  • Students will learn how to follow direction and listen to instruction

  • Students will learn acceptance of others and their differences

There are 46 individualized academic goals our students work to achieve. These goals cumulate to help our students develop the following key skills to be school ready:

  • Students will develop a full command of the alphabet in both phonetic and phonemic form

  • Students will be able to recognize and form all numbers as well as manipulate those numbers in order to problem solve

  • Students will engage in sensory and art activities to develop a sense of process  

  • Students will participate in science activities to develop a sense of cause and effect, understand measurement and time

  • Students will participate in activities that promote eye-hand coordination, crossing midline activities and core strengthening for gross motor development

Our Day

Each student will spend 50 minutes in each of these three areas of learning daily in order to develop a full understanding of the topic or theme being discussed each month: 

  • Reading and Writing - Language Arts and Dramatic Play

  • Problem Solving and Critical Thinking - Math and Science 

  • Creative Expression - Music and Art

In addition, students will be given an opportunity each week to develop Technology and Social Skills in small group settings. ​​We wrap up our day outside for 30 minutes for Gross Motor Development and Imaginary Play - Outdoor Play.

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